All you need to know about coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are a relatively new concept. There are many misconceptions about such office space. Before you think about opting for shared office space, it is essential to understand what it is and its suitability.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is an office space accessible to numerous individuals from different walks of life or across organizations. It might seem like typical office space, but every employee or individual working in that office space might belong to a different business or might be a freelancer as well.

It is office space shared by many individuals who might or might not be related to one another.

What kind of office space can coworking spaces provide?

The kind of office space which a coworking space can offer can vary depending on how much you are willing to pay.

• Hot desk:

A hot disk is the most affordable option in a coworking space. It means that you are renting a desk. However, such a desk is not fixed. When you arrive every day, you can occupy any available hot desk.

• Fixed desk:

As the name suggests, a fixed desk provides you with a fixed area or a desk on which you can work.

• Private cabins:

Once again, private cabins are self-explanatory. If you’re looking for enclosed space with some privacy, you can opt for private cabins. However, these are often the most expensive option when it comes to shared office space.

Now that you are aware of what a coworking space is, it is time to understand for whom it is suitable.

For whom are coworking spaces suitable?

There are numerous types of individuals working in a coworking space. These are

• Freelancers:

Such shared office space is perfect for freelancers. They often need affordable office space. Not only that, the flexibility means that they can easily switch between different types of office spaces. Coworking space provides them with such an option.

• Startups:

Startups can grow exponentially or can stagnate or degrow as well. The office space requirement which they have can vary accordingly. It is not easy to change the requirement quickly in a traditional office setup. Long-term contracts govern these.

They often need affordable office space. Coworking spaces meet both these requirements. That is why they are perfect for startups.

• Small businesses:

It is difficult for small businesses to invest a lot into office premises. It is not about the rent but also the interiors and the ambiance which they have to create.

Moreover, small businesses will have to spend on maintenance as well.

If you, as a small business owner, want to avoid all this, it makes perfect sense to go with a coworking space.

• Enterprises:

These days, to reduce their real estate costs, many big enterprises are also renting hundreds of desks in coworking spaces. That is because they will no longer have to invest in real estate or look after their office space.

• Non-profit organizations:

Non-profit organizations need office space that is affordable and also where they can invite or meet with their sponsors. Coworking spaces fulfill both these needs.

As you can see, such shared office space is suitable for almost everyone.

Once you go through this article, there will be no confusion regarding what a coworking space is and why it makes sense for every type of business. In case you are in 2 minds about coworking spaces, you can certainly go ahead with them.

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